I've been asked that very thing more times than I can count over the past 7 years in business... I was always happy to help, but they would always come back confused because when they got home, they got scared again so the next question I always heard was, "Will you just teach a class?"

I'd always answer.. "One of these days!" And it never went past that.. I had actually thought about it A LOT, but honestly it was much like when I began photography... I believe there's a 'training period' before taking money for a product or service. I didn't just get a camera and a Facebook to start a business.. I soaked up everything I could get my hands on before taking a dime! And I wasn't about to do that for teaching people to use their own camera!


To date, I've taught 3 beginner classes and I'm happy to say that they left with a better understanding of these things:

- What are all those buttons and settings for?
- Even if I knew what the buttons were for, how will I know when to use them? -
- Why won't it do what I want it to do? -
- Why aren't my photos in focus? -
- Why don't my pictures look like those? -
- When and how do I use all these lenses? -
- When to use your flash.. and when not to! -
- When should I use the M,A,S, and P settings? - 

Believe me, I know all about the questions that run through your mind
because I had the same ones when I first started!
(and ^those^ aren't even ALL of them!)


This class if for anyone 13 or older that wants learn more about their camera so they can take better photos!

This is not a 'straight route' to a photography business- (because there isn't one!) -this is a Beginner's course to help you learn more about your camera and how to use it better!


If you've read this far, I have a feeling you may be like me and need someone to SHOW you what to do instead of reading the dang manual. The next class will be held in late November! If you'd like to be on the VIP list for hearing about it first, jump on the VIP email list!